Job Search – Making the Most of 'Visual Aids’ (Part I of II)

YOUTUBEBROADCASTYRSLFWe all know there are many ways of standing out from the crowd when it involves our resumes and targeted cover letter preparations; however, there is also the spectacular element of video presentation to contemplate, which you will be able to use to leverage your distinctive background and career aspirations.

Assuming that you are confidently satisfied with your resume and cover letter submissions thus far, and taking into account the duration of your job search, I would suggest once more that you produce an on-line Career Profile, and leverage YouTube; making your first job search video.

It would also be a good idea to promote this job search video on different sites, such as your LinkedIn network, on your Google+ Profile, Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites to which you belong. Of course, it is understood that posting this video on every Career Profile site you produce is a must!

When you are sending out your resume and cover letters via email, use your ‘business close’ for your outgoing job search messages and attach a direct link to your video presentation. The video, while short, will build an enduring impression that, once done properly, is bound to keep you in demand for the all-important interviews.

If you use a laptop, your web cam is already pre-installed for you, and will serve this purpose well. If you do not have a camera, they are not that expensive to buy, however, you quite likely know someone who can lend you a camera or web-cam for a few days.

You will want to take the time to create a number of practice runs, and ask for feedback from your family and friends before posting your finished product.

If it is possible, and sensible for you to do so, I would suggest that you send your video to an ex-boss or colleague for review and feedback, before you post your final version on YouTube, or any other services you may have selected.

Part II to follow…

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