Job Loss – Moving Forward after a Layoff


Losing one’s job after many years of dedicated service with one firm is a devastating experience indeed. It makes us feel unable to escape from the reality of the situation, or the consequences the job loss can have on our own lives, in addition to those of our families – both close and extended, and of course, our ‘social’ circles.

While losing your job definitely is not parallel with the loss of a dear loved one, it is acquainted in nature, strictly in terms of the ‘mourning’ process that takes place, and therefore, the emotional roller coaster that is an associated inevitable, however, a necessary ride, so as to regain our focus and balance in life.

Losing your job at any age can be a devastating blow, particularly if you are completely caught off guard, and had no idea that it was coming. However, on behalf of all the baby boomers, losing the safety and security of your job later in life could also be a damaging affair.

The focus of this article is on moving forward. Although everything stated above is correct, with the passing of time, and the right attitude, one will pass through the hurdles that will inevitably present, and successfully move forward in both career and life.

I believe that we all know, or have witnessed individuals emotionally and financially desolate following a termination, that have then turned around after a reasonable grieving period, and come to the realization and belief that they have so many other talents, skills, and interests to explore and develop.

Now that the most ‘precious commodity of time’  is accessible, these individuals can move forward in learning and developing their knowledge and strengths in their chosen new endeavours.

The mourning process eventually results in encouraging our artistic centres into operating overtime. It gets people excited about the endless possibilities of what they will, and can do, within the next chapter of their lives, as amazing as that may sound. Self-preservation is a wonderful thing!

When one door closes, windows tend to open, providing us with viable path choices. We must have the intestinal fortitude to move forward, and focus our energies on the positive.

A large percentage of individuals that have suffered employment loss throughout our weak economic conditions are now successfully operating their own businesses, have partnered with established businesses, or have expanded their horizons in a multitude of areas, and are now significantly happier, and dare I say, healthier as a result.

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