What Does Parsing a Resume Mean Anyway? (Part I of II)


Those in job hunt mode will be very familiar with various versions of Application Tracking Systems (ATSs) that the majority of online firms employ today.

What you may not know is what this program actually does, and how it affects the outcome of your resume in terms of the presentation layout, accuracy of information and text placement, legibility, and when or if, a recruiter gets his or her hands on it.

“Resume parsing” is an employment recruitment method that takes place as you complete an employment application online, and once you email a resume. You may not see a “Parse Resume” link when completing your online job application. A reference to this term also may not be presented in a job ad that requests that you send your resume to an employer; nevertheless, resume parsing may still occur in each of these cases.

Therefore, job seekers have to be compelled to take the time to learn and understand the mechanics and nuances behind resume parsing software to realize a competitive edge.

Parse My Resume?

When you see a button or link on an employment application web page that reads “Parse Resume,” clicking that link initiates a web-based process that extracts text from a resume, and loads it into the job application’s data cells.

Once you click a “Parse Resume” link, you must review each job application’s fields to make sure that the parsing results are decipherable, and confirm that your resume’s data shows up in a logical order. You may need to edit some information before submitting the application. If you choose to skip resume parsing, your only alternative will be to type in your relevant job information into the employer’s application fields.

Sending your Resume via Email

The purpose of performing resume parsing is to seek out qualified candidates through a computer-assisted screening method. That is why email resume parsing happens once you attach and send a Microsoft Word document to an employer’s human resource email address.

Because of this parsing ability, when resumes are sent via email, recruiters will then spot candidates that spam its email address with multiple submissions, refrain from sending duplicate resumes to an employer, and take steps to make sure a recruiter will not overlook your resume. The resume you email should be prepared to accommodate parsing to ensure that a recruiter sees it.

This article has been modified prior to posting on The Proactive Business Assistant site.

Source: eHow, http://www.ehow.com/info_12164913_parse-resume-mean.html#ixzz2N5TvniEk

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