Introducing The Proactive Business Assistant

A warm welcome to The Proactive Business Assistant Profile site, outlining my talents and the professional services I have to offer my current and prospective native and international clients, whether working directly with them on-site, or remotely.

My name is Trish Johnson, and I am a highly skilled, seasoned professional who possesses over twenty-five years’ business experience. I am seeking both short and long-term “on-site” contract work with firms within the Greater Vancouver area. Given the limitless nature of the web, I am ready and able to supply my services to the International “virtual” community, as well.

Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and companies that visit my site could also be searching for an individual like myself that can take the lead and show initiative on all projects, while providing the essential skills and professional background to meet with certain success.

Due to my positive attitude and proactive approach, I am naturally inclined to explore potential cost-saving efficiencies and revenue generating opportunities for the companies and professionals that engage my services.

I believe that a gifted and impressive employee is an ‘engaged’ employee that is most fortunate to be working within a cohesive team atmosphere, and therefore systematically seizing new challenges, and developing new skill sets through learning and growth opportunities – whether doing so independently, or through company-wide training offers.

I am also inclined to believe that it is not possible to be, or become, a ‘proactive’ employee or temp in any other setting simply because the desire and concept would not be present within such a ‘disengaged’ environment. It is imperative to take initiative in providing your professional teams with added value talents, perhaps like my own in research, cost-saving efficiencies, and business development for instance.

Please read on to learn more about The Proactive Business Assistant. As with any worthy collaboration, from business to friendships, it all comes down to adding value, which of course is my primary focus.

Thanks so much for visiting my site today!

Please remember to also visit my ‘new’ site at A Talented Temp in the near future, where I will share interesting articles with my growing reading audience, helpful business resources, and much more!


Trish Johnson

The Proactive Business Assistant